Incense Bottles

GLASS INCENSE lesbian videos BURNING UP-CYCLED BOTTLES - These hand painted 'Art on Glass' incense smoking bottles, also known as an incense holder, ash catcher, or incense burner,are made from up-cycled (recycled) glass bottle.

Incense has been used for centuries, and is still popular today. There are several ways to burn incense sticks, all of which leave you with a pile of ash to deal with. An easy solution to this problem is to use a smoking bottle incense burner. This decorative and functional bottle allows your incense stick to burn and give off its scent, while collecting the ash inside the bottle.

Each one of our smoking bottles are uniquely hand-crafted, no two bottles are exactly alike.  These are a safe alternative to open air incense burners.  The ashes fall to the bottom of the bottle, leaving no mess to clean up.  

Here's how easy it is...

1.  Light the incense stick until you have a really good glow.

2.  Turn the stick upside down lesbian porn and slide the wooden part of the stick into the spiral ring.

3.   porno gay Drop it down into the bottle and let the fragrance flow.


Where to purchase Randam Art Hand Painted incense smoking bottle.