Assemblage Resin Jewelry

RELIQUARY ASSEMBLAGE ALTERED ART- Intrigued by blending of texture and colors, using paint and 3D collected objects I enjoy creating these small works of wearable art.  I carefully integrate each of the purposely chosen elements into unique and spellbinding designs.  Then they are encapsulated in crystal clear resin creating a piece of enduring modern jewelry. A frozen moment; a peek through the window of a memory; a whisper of a dream.

Made with pewter, silver, jewelry grade resin, and numerous inclusion mediums and techniques all pendants are original and one of a kind (OOAK), so porno gay you know that the small piece of art you wear belongs to you, and you alone.

Creating these fascinating pieces is a joy, but 'labeling' them as any one particular form of artistic method can be a much more difficult task.  These unique pieces of art are not easily categorized.  Many terms fit, and yet perhaps none can single handedly describe them.  We may use the definition of the term 'Altered Art' to mean the transformation or 'alteration' of ordinary objects into decorative jewelry using a variety of different techniques and materials.  Others may prefer the term 'Assemblage'.  Assemblage is an artistic process consisting of making a three-dimensional artistic composition by the combination of various found objects. 

ASSEMBLAGE, ALTERED ART, MIXED-MEDIA, COLLAGE, RELIQUARY, and STEAMPUNK are all words that could be used to describe these pendants, but milf porn much like the items they are trying to describe, it takes many layers and a great deal of time and concentration to fit the pieces together in just the perfect way.


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