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  1. Art on Glass - Painted Glassware
  2. Assemblage Resin Jewelry
  3. Bottle Notes
  4. Candle Holders
  5. Favor Jars
  6. Glass Globe Painted Ornaments
  7. Hummingbird Feeders
  8. Incense Burning Up-cycled Bottles
  9. Lighted Glass Bottles & Glass Blocks
  10. Memory Beads
  11. Pour Bottles
  12. Ring Keepers
  13. Soap or Lotion Dispenser
  14. Stemware
  15. Utility Jars

Because most of our items are one of a kind, we do not list everything we create on the website. If you have seen something in a store you will need to go back to that store to purchase the item as most items can't be remade -they are truly one of a kind.  If something is not listed on the site and you have questions, just get in touch and we will try to nude celebrities help you find what you are looking for.