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Mixed-Media Collage Jewelry

MIXED porn milf MEDIA COLLAGE JEWELRY - Similar to the inclusion jewelry but usually made with paper collage and encased nude celebrities within resin. These are non 3d resin creations that are mostly paper or fabric collage.  The bezel can be glass, metal or polymer clay.  Individually hand crafted, these pieces may sometimes be reproduced in a similar manner or if a specific piece is already sold, and a similar one is commissioned. Therefore they are not necessarily strictly one of a kind, although most can not be replicated exactly regardless, and I will not make large quantities of any one piece - as the creator it is just boring to do that. I would rather make lots of different items rather than one thing in bulk.  It makes the pieces more valuable for the owner, and is more rewardning as an artist.

Randam Artist


These items are created by Randam cartoon porn videos Artist, Miranda.
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Mixed-Media Collage Jewelry Mixed-Media Collage Jewelry
Mixed-Media Collage Jewelry Mixed-Media Collage Jewelry

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